Tommy Maverick

San Diego, CA
Feb 11, 1991

“Society is a playwright so proud of his work that even the slightest deviation from the script drives him to retaliate with the force of a natural disaster, judging blindly and killing all in his path.” — Tommy Maverick

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Seriously! People with tattoos get fucking discriminated against. I have no problem working with someone with tattoos or piercings. There’s no freaking reason to. Let’s make sure we defend the rights of EVERYONE in the workforce instead of segregating them and removing them from it.

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I wish people were actually paying attention to what’s going on in their country.


Even if you’re not protesting or don’t agree with it, the point is higher authority can do whatever they please. we really don’t have any rights at all. this is a major problem and people just ignore it.

People act as if this was ever different. I’ll be honest, I won’t participate in the Occupy Wall Street protests because it’s just a bunch of fucktards that want to be “anarchists” and start riots. The cops are fucking people up because they don’t want to lose their fucking jobs and because of people who actually ARE doing stuff that is either unsafe, illegal, or not “peaceful protesting”. Stop fucking acting like the cops are part of the 1%. They make just as little as you do. How about you go and attack the politicians and CEOs, the people who are ACTUALLY making this country, and this WORLD, sink while they get richer. The cops aren’t taking paid vacations when they’re supposed to be voting on legislature. If you fucktards would stop going out and fighting “the oppressors” you might be able to realize that. There are better ways to make the government hear your voice. I am not an enemy to the movement. I want the government to hear us too, but we need to do this in a better way… And to be honest, it’s not a fucking riot unless there are cops going home in ambulances and body bags too. But they are not the true enemy… They make just as fucking little as you do. If we want to change this country, it’s going to happen by making some fucking effort, not by blaming our government. Our government is mostly a bunch of idiots, and anyone who actually wants to do some good is getting run over. Politicians need to do what is right instead what is good for their re-election because the way that it looks right now is that they don’t have much of a chance of getting re-elected or even having a government to be re-elected to. You give these mad anarchists in the Occupy Wall Street Movement enough power and then they’ll be running the country and we’ll be saying hello to the fucking 4th Reich. Obama is not trying to bring about the 4th Reich. Maybe Speaker of the House John Boehner is, but definitely not Obama. The real enemy is our society, our willingness to stand idly by as people control us from behind their corporate desks.

Some of these protests have gotten out of hand, yes the police have done unspeakable things, but really we’d all do the same things in their position. You fucking rioters are out of control and they know that in a moment, it could turn into a true riot with looters and all sorts of shit like that. They are trying to keep this shit from turning into what just happened in London. We need to stay hopefull, that’s what we need, but we also need to use the system that we have in place to make change happen. In the event that we find the system to be truly flawed, THEN it is time to act, and sure as fucking hell not peacefully.

When it gets to that point, you’ll be seeing photos of me with Molotov cocktails in my hand. I’m going to be blowing shit up. But I still see this country as a place where effort can get you through. We’ve got to stick to what has ALWAYS been the American Ideal. FREEDOM. And we’ve got to feel free. I still feel free. You are not slaves, but you are being controlled, guided. This movement is just as much of a shepard’s dream as standing idly by. You’re doing absolutely nothing to get your point across. Did you know that the majority of people don’t even know what you’re fucking fighting for?I’ve seen people holding up random fucking signs in these protests. Before you start and army, make sure you tell them what they’re fighting for.

Also, it’s not Occupy Wall Street for me, it’s BURN DOWN WALL STREET. FUCK WALL STREET. END WALL STREET. It’s time to change shit, by you’re just standing on the line until the police cross it. Wall street has already crossed it, they are standing behind you, pushing you into the police. They are the ones really in charge of this shit. They’lll benefit in ways that you don’t know.