Tommy Maverick

San Diego, CA
Feb 11, 1991

“Society is a playwright so proud of his work that even the slightest deviation from the script drives him to retaliate with the force of a natural disaster, judging blindly and killing all in his path.” — Tommy Maverick

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Random Fact Number 983729874

My favorite font is Garamond because it reminds me of when I used to have my internship at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice. It was the required font for all official documents… and I often write essays in it even though I have to change it to something like Times New Roman when I actually turn it in.

Random Facts #… something.

I have an immense fear of “Grey Aliens”. Those are the ones that have the really big eyes and apparently are flying around in UFOs abducting people. They freak me out! It doesn’t matter what color they are depicted as, if I see one, I will have nightmares about them. When I start having nightmares about them, I lose the ability to control the course of my dreams, and I forget that my dreams are just dreams. Soooo… yeah. I’m really scared of them. I LOVE ALIENS… just not those kind. Like, aliens can have tentacles and all sorts of creepy shit going on with their faces, but “Grey Aliens” scare the crap out of me.

I shuffle at 3:30pm every day to make sure that “every day I’m shuffling”

I do it for exercise. Basically, it works out my calves well and helps with cardio :) haha

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To anyone that I have sex with in the future:

Don’t hurt me during sex by impaling me with your cuspids or digging into my back with your glued on acrylic nails… You are not a vampire OR werewolf. I don’t like bruises or battle scars… although I do appreciate battlestars… Okay, that’s enough geek for now.

This has been a post.

I really enjoy observing things.

I guess, sometimes I find myself kind of looking at trees or the sky… just anything really. I just observe it… and I start to notice cool things about it. Like the little “veins” that leaves have or the detail that you can see in a brick. I don’t know, it’s interesting to me. Sometimes I look at a color and just think about the last time I’ve seen it or how the color makes me FEEL… I like FEELING things. I like the emotions. It’s pretty much the only reason that I’m alive… to experience stuff. If I wasn’t able to feel things or see them, I’d probably just kill myself. haha

Something that makes me sad.

Watching ships sink. It doesn’t matter if it’s a water-based ship, a space shuttle, or a fucking battlestar. IT MAKES ME SAD. Like, at the end of BSG when the Galactica makes it’s final jump and just cracks in half… I FUCKING CRIED. I was like, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

And I can’t watch the Titanic because of the part where the ship sinks… So yeah.

Something that scares me.

Photos that are edited to include random sets of teeth where they do not belong. I fucking hate it. Stop doing it. I don’t care if they are nice teeth or evil demon teeth. STOP.

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Sometimes, I feel as if I’m related to him. It’s weird. haha So many people mistake me for him… I’m always like… “BUT I HAVE A MOHAWK!”

Sometimes, I feel as if I’m related to him. It’s weird. haha So many people mistake me for him… I’m always like… “BUT I HAVE A MOHAWK!”

Random Fact: Jazz Music

Fucking people always think that it is “calming” or whatever… That it serves as good background music, but it actually get me so freaking amped up because I get really into the music. Like the drums and the instruments freaking get my brain going to the point where I can’t even think. It gets distracting. So, I usually try to avoid having meetings or discussions in places where jazz plays. haha